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We aim to become a leading manufacturer of chemical compounds in the market and aid our emptors by supplying products as per their requirements. With an annual turnover of 15 lakhs we have been successful in setting up roots and making our presence known as a manufacturer of high quality chemicals.

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The transformation of dreams into goals and goals into reality requires a number of factors including an undying passion for ones work, a commitment to satisfy all needs of the customer and a tenacious work ethic. This philosophy has empowered us to set higher goals, aspire to achieve more and cease opportunities. We employ a team of assiduous workers who work hard to achieve the quality expected from our products. A few of our unique selling points are:


The storage of Bleaching Powder Manufacturer,Stable Bleaching Powder and concentrated chemical compounds requires great care to ensure safety and prevent degradation. Our storage facilities are manned by adept professionals who have years of experience in handling and storage of high grade products. We have equipped our warehouse with a number of fire safety and prevention features that ensure deterrence of mishaps. The employees store products in an organized fashion that aids us in ensuring timely dispatch of orders and ultimately the delivery of products within the stipulated period. This helps us ensure the requirements of our customers are fulfilled and ensure a high level of satisfaction with our service.